NINEYARD - Create Playgrounds | Fabio Wibmer, Kai Haase, Viki Gómez

Taking over Frankfurt city with Fabio Wibmer, Kai Haase \u0026 Viki Gomez in pure NINEYARD style.

No matter where you are or what you do, the essence of NINEYARD is to make everything your playground.

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Music | ASAP Ferg - Floor Seats
Filmed by | Alexander Osmalek, Marius Prell, Cinequads
Edit | Marius Prell
Photography | Hannes Berger
Sound | Adrian Zielinski
BTS | Alexander Schöll, Lisa Allihn

Thank you guys!




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    • Asap ferg floor seats

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  • The only dislike that I can understand its because the vidéo not long enough

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  • This is so DOPE!

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    • i love the new style with the high production value and all, but tbh i still prefer his older videos with a storyline to it

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  • i love the new style with the high production value and all, but tbh i still prefer his older videos with a storyline to it

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  • Why Nineyard include flatlander on BMX, it be better, if Nineyard include parker or streeter BMXer, because this styles more epic than flatland

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