Sha'Carri Richardson & Kanye West | Beats Studio Buds

Sha’Carri doesn't need you to let her do anything.

Scored and edited by Kanye West
Featured track is “No Child Left Behind”
DONDA is officially out in 48 hours! ⏲




  • When they aired it on TV, they didn’t show all this..did show her hair or nails

    Keith GlazeKeith GlazeIl y a 50 minutes
  • Live your truth is silly....

    no just nono just noIl y a heure
  • Racist advert....

    Darrell EllisDarrell EllisIl y a heure
    • How? Lmaoooooooo

      Creative NameCreative NameIl y a heure
  • Feel like I’m back in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium 🤞🏽

    Jay RJay RIl y a 5 heures
  • this is dope. guys also check out envy & peddy. this guys make crazy good beats

    Eren YalçınEren YalçınIl y a 6 heures
  • I really pray he drops this. Sounds so amazing

    ChubbThaGOAT 216ChubbThaGOAT 216Il y a 12 heures
  • I recently lost my mother as well this hits home fr 💔

    Jay BaseyJay BaseyIl y a 19 heures
  • Wow

    Gangsters love God tooGangsters love God tooIl y a 19 heures
  • Indian 🇮🇳 LY KANYE

    Agassi WonderrrAgassi WonderrrIl y a 23 heures
  • 💤🔥🔥🔥

    BredjennnBredjennnIl y a jour
  • She’s fast 🥶

    GenuineGamerGenuineGamerIl y a jour
  • I have patience

    Mettayo WomackMettayo WomackIl y a jour
    • I’m patient

      Mettayo WomackMettayo WomackIl y a jour
  • This song makes me go to church idk the feelin mn

    J.A RoyceJ.A RoyceIl y a jour
  • this is literally the best album promotion i’ve ever seen

    Tyranno StrikeTyranno StrikeIl y a jour
  • Seen this far too many times.

    Josh HartJosh HartIl y a jour
  • If he cuts this off the album it’s a sin

    Nemesis A-TypeNemesis A-TypeIl y a jour
  • Brilliant, love 💕💕💕 it 💕💕💕

    Cynthia HopkinsCynthia HopkinsIl y a jour
  • Beats knows how to appeal audience’s

    I Can7I Can7Il y a jour
  • To anyone who is considering buying the new beats, I would take the time to watch several reviews first. They’re okay as a product. (Great for the price), but not the most competitive in areas like anc, and transparency. But if your budget isn’t $300, these are a wonderful option.

    Edge2300Edge2300Il y a jour
  • She broke the rules wtf

    Br BiwBr BiwIl y a jour
    • And? Lol?

      The TrashCanManThe TrashCanManIl y a jour
  • "Who else was waiting for the drop, but was disappointed ? ".

    Abhishek BhartiAbhishek BhartiIl y a jour
  • He forgor 💀

    Poonam SharmaPoonam SharmaIl y a jour
  • he forgor

    m8uwantm8uwantIl y a jour
  • "Live your Truth" Lies about album release date lol

    wallcity318wallcity318Il y a 2 jours
  • When is it going to come out in malaysia???

    Wan ArifWan ArifIl y a 2 jours
    • @Djean Ai i mean the beats studio buds 😅

      Wan ArifWan ArifIl y a 2 jours
    • The listening party or the album?

      Djean AiDjean AiIl y a 2 jours
  • I wish she look normal

    MatsukazeMatsukazeIl y a 2 jours

    Ruby LoveRuby LoveIl y a 2 jours
  • I think I’ve watched this 100 times already……this small snippet is incredible.

    niddg viiutniddg viiutIl y a 2 jours
  • #FreeDonda

    Chris HChris HIl y a 2 jours
  • I’ve been sick with COVID DELTA for 5 days now. I’ve never felt this sick in my life. This song is giving me hope, thank you Kanye for this inspiration.

    Retro Player OneRetro Player OneIl y a 2 jours
  • Wheres the album tho?

    Sam CSam CIl y a 2 jours
    • Poonam Sharma who said that

      oakoakIl y a jour
    • @Jordan Davis 2022*

      Poonam SharmaPoonam SharmaIl y a jour
    • Suppose to be Aug 6th

      Jordan DavisJordan DavisIl y a 2 jours
  • I watch this every rising and every night!!! This song is officially part of my daily devotions and love offerings 🙏🏾

    Kisha PediaKisha PediaIl y a 2 jours
  • THUMBNAIL 0:32

  • The message this video has too, wow

    Aaron UAaron UIl y a 2 jours
  • Memba when Kanye had them shades with the lines on!!! Hahahahahshhs jeezus Christ he's such a trend setter !!! If he cool u don't look uncool in the past !! Becoz Ur always cool!! Kanye copied Shia leabouf around 2 years ago !! Now he's consider cool ishhhh

    Ben BainesBen BainesIl y a 2 jours
  • I can't believe they took the Olympics away from her over weed. I bet if she was taking Percocet it would've been ok.

    UnknownUnknownIl y a 2 jours
  • Take a hit and set to x0.5

    Justin AhernJustin AhernIl y a 2 jours
  • He is miracle zombie.

    Shyam Sunil KarthikeyanShyam Sunil KarthikeyanIl y a 2 jours
  • No Child Left Behind - Kanye West 🥰

    Shyam Sunil KarthikeyanShyam Sunil KarthikeyanIl y a 2 jours
  • Only thing that makes this good is that Gesaffelstien made the beat. Other than that, Kanye west still sucks as he's a Trump supporter.

    perfectgogetaperfectgogetaIl y a 2 jours
    • @TheMedium ???

      Creative NameCreative NameIl y a heure
    • @Poonam Sharma The fact the he still supported him in the first place shows how stupid he is.

      perfectgogetaperfectgogetaIl y a jour
    • He is not a trump supporter anymore!!

      Poonam SharmaPoonam SharmaIl y a jour
    • Very disrespectful to Vory

      Jordan DavisJordan DavisIl y a 2 jours
    • Biden’s president get over it

      TheMediumTheMediumIl y a 2 jours
  • Happy for her ! That’s great

    Sosa BritoSosa BritoIl y a 2 jours
  • Y + ear = Your ear , Ye + era , = Kanye’s Era , Ye + ar = Kanye’s Year , Year spelled backwards spells Raey which means “ vision “. Kanye is a man of great vision. Now God has given him His for His glory.

    Justin MarcusJustin MarcusIl y a 2 jours
  • Gre3nGre3nIl y a 3 jours
  • So dope🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾❤❤❤❤❤

    GingerbreadJenGingerbreadJenIl y a 3 jours
  • this is so fire

    Zaigham AliZaigham AliIl y a 3 jours

    Christine NChristine NIl y a 3 jours
  • Is she high?

    GranolaGranolaIl y a 3 jours
  • Wow, I almost forgot this was a commercial about ear buds!

    IamSuaveIamSuaveIl y a 3 jours
  • Anybody sick of the boy runner all in your face for a reason?

    R JR JIl y a 3 jours
  • After he admitted killing her he celebrates it and people so stupid to eat it up how dumb can y'all get?

    R JR JIl y a 3 jours
  • sheep 🐑 baaaaaa

    Jesus FrancoJesus FrancoIl y a 3 jours
  • Is she the trans athlete people are talking about?

    JBL AsutavarioJBL AsutavarioIl y a 3 jours
    • No

      jane doejane doeIl y a 2 jours
  • Is there any way I could sue for false advertisement?

    Axel MillanAxel MillanIl y a 3 jours
    • Bro just relax. it's YE, he can do anything. Its coming August 6th okay

      Kabir SinghKabir SinghIl y a 3 jours
  • kanye still the goat!

    ZachbfilmsZachbfilmsIl y a 3 jours
  • Yea. this the one

    Brickz The ProducerBrickz The ProducerIl y a 3 jours
  • this gambino sample is heaven sent

    blacksugar777blacksugar777Il y a 3 jours
    • It’s not a sample

      D XD XIl y a 16 heures
  • PYREX!!!!

    FXCK !NDIGOFXCK !NDIGOIl y a 3 jours
  • He’s a lyrical zombie

    Gav-O 22.Gav-O 22.Il y a 3 jours
  • God bless Sha’carri she deserves this.

    lLiear VlLiear VIl y a 3 jours
  • Baby God is doing so much miracles in your life that the naked eyes can not see... they have to look deep deep deep deep to see and sometimes they can't even see what God is doing in you❤I love U 🥰

    Mabel ReddickMabel ReddickIl y a 3 jours
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    James PeekJames PeekIl y a 3 jours
  • this snippet will change your life

    Tim CoetzeeTim CoetzeeIl y a 3 jours
  • Nope.

    Foreign IdeaForeign IdeaIl y a 3 jours
  • Hit like if you have played this video all over again

    mzwandile innocentmzwandile innocentIl y a 3 jours

    KirkKirkIl y a 3 jours
  • This album finna drop with gta 6

    Jeremi Claudion RalaibezaJeremi Claudion RalaibezaIl y a 3 jours
  • Jesus is Lord!!!!!!! #Donda

    A PA PIl y a 3 jours
  • We all know what this song represents its testimony to his struggle that we all can relate too.

    A AlbotoniA AlbotoniIl y a 3 jours
  • ❤️She Beautiful courageous fierce inspirational she’s my my super women she still one of the greats in my book just another bump on the road your biggest fan d.volcy💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • 💟

    S.S.Il y a 3 jours
  • Go Sha'Carri!!!!!

    Aa WeAa WeIl y a 3 jours
  • Sarut 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏

    FOOTBALLFOOTBALLIl y a 3 jours
  • Another track with VORY on the Album wow 💿 💪🏾💯

    Dc EjayDc EjayIl y a 3 jours
  • loce this short part so much alreaddy sounds sooo good and inspiring!

    Sara DigotaSara DigotaIl y a 3 jours
  • I love when they close up on her hair always laid and she supa fast too

    not here or therenot here or thereIl y a 3 jours
  • While using Nike 😂

    EsradEsradIl y a 3 jours
    • Bro didn’t even noticed lol 😂

      MártinMártinIl y a 3 jours
  • I don't know who or where, but this song is going to save someone today....peace.

    Rudy SimsRudy SimsIl y a 4 jours
  • Oh your mom dies the other week, you get in “trouble” for smoking weed, now your on a beats commercial with Kanye 😂. Midazwell tell the world you sold out lmao.

    Steezz !!!Steezz !!!Il y a 4 jours
    • @Mike nah money isn’t everything to g. I’m happy with my life. I care more about where my soul lies eternal. This world we live in in temporary that’s why we have to die. Wake up bro being sleep does not necessarily mean closing your eyes and resting. You’d rather be wise than “smart”.

      Steezz !!!Steezz !!!Il y a 3 jours
    • This was promo for Kanye's album "Donda", the name of his mother who passed. Sound like Kanye just gave her a chance 🤦🏾

      Kam B.Kam B.Il y a 3 jours
    • Out here acting like you wouldn’t take the bag in a minute is the real 😂

      MikeMikeIl y a 4 jours
  • Based on wash us in the blood, and Jesus is king, I was hoping the new album didn't curse

    benprophetbenprophetIl y a 4 jours
    • @tiny I guess to be fair, he hasn't been a christian too long and Kim isn't helping. Gotta keep the faith though @KanyeWest

      benprophetbenprophetIl y a 3 jours
    • Benprophet it does but I think it's mainly the features that curses I think Kanye says only two curse words me too I would like it to be a clean Album to

      tinytinyIl y a 3 jours
    • what friday? :(

      seiom jvonyseiom jvonyIl y a 4 jours
  • Anybody who know god is real can feel this that you atleast got teared up. If you listened to it more than once you cried cause you know what god then brought you thru.

    William NeshWilliam NeshIl y a 4 jours
  • 🥺

    fromthe bottomfromthe bottomIl y a 4 jours
  • The song sounds like the gates to heaven just opened.

    NekosuneNekosuneIl y a 4 jours
  • Smoke weed get rewarded

    chuk tysonchuk tysonIl y a 4 jours
  • Long nails, piercings, and tattoos😭shawty belong to the streets fr fr

    Anime ClubAnime ClubIl y a 4 jours
  • 0:19

    NateNateIl y a 4 jours
  • Its a disgrace not letting that girl compete in the Olympics. They are making millions selling weed at corporate level and then destroy lives over a puff.

    WarriorwithinWarriorwithinIl y a 4 jours
  • Super disrespectful to put her name first

    zer0zer0Il y a 4 jours
    • 😂

      Tungaa BayarmaaTungaa BayarmaaIl y a 4 jours
  • It’s a scam

    ggvn gvvggvn gvvIl y a 4 jours
  • even dre got played

    renzorcorenzorcoIl y a 4 jours
  • Who ever is watching this , keep praying for Kanye 🙏 and remember that Jesus Christ loves us all, accept him today .

    talemwa isaactalemwa isaacIl y a 4 jours
    • @Kavid wow God is great , that's wonderful news

      talemwa isaactalemwa isaacIl y a 4 jours
    • I guess he loves me because my mom just got donated a new kidney after a year and a half of suffering from kidney disease

      KavidKavidIl y a 4 jours
  • This one-minute snippet of this track moves me to tears. "Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good. His mercy endures forever."

    David HellingDavid HellingIl y a 4 jours
  • This aged well…

    DISTRICT OfficialDISTRICT OfficialIl y a 4 jours
  • what friday? :(

    ElíasElíasIl y a 4 jours
  • Where can i buy some Let Her Runtz lol

    Ej8kiddEj8kiddIl y a 4 jours
  • 🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂

    King EnowKing EnowIl y a 4 jours
  • Get her a verse on the album

    Dont SubscribeDont SubscribeIl y a 4 jours
  • The College Drop out and the Tokyo Drop out! Impressive 😎

    store roomstore roomIl y a 4 jours
  • Go Girl Go!

    no just nono just noIl y a 4 jours
  • If he doesn’t drop at all today I guess this is false advertising

    Regdu GehtRegdu GehtIl y a 4 jours